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The active use of search engines can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Your website must show up when a search is performed else potential visitors will not find your website.

Keywords are "signs" that point a roadmap to your website. The actual content on your website should contain the words that people would be typing in to a search engine. When the page contains the same words that people are searching for it becomes more relevant.

If you know what words people are searching for you should use them on your website and those you use should be very specific. When people perform a search, the relevance of a page is determined by having more specific keywords.

Keywords are the starting point of the whole marketing strategy. Choose them incorrectly and your target audience may never find you.  It is often complicated to find keywords that people are searching for about your product.

The words that you may use may not be the same words that they are typing in to find you because, unlike them, you know a lot about product. Using online tools to find keywords relevant to your niche is important.

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Good keyword tools and services available include Word Tracker and those provided when you set up your pay per click campaign with Google ad words or Yahoo.

The actual searches being done by the people looking for your product or service are recorded by these tools, making the results well-founded.

Each word in the keyword list must be evaluated as to its potential effectiveness. Do a quick search for the keyword and evaluate its popularity by seeing how many results appear.

The services I mentioned above will also help you at this. You want to become relevant for more popular search terms that are more likely to be entered into the search engines.

Above all, it is essential that you put yourself in the place of the consumer and set up your website so that someone who doesn't know anything about you will be able to find you.