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With 8.85 million smartphone users browsing the web everyday [that’s 41% of the 21.6 milion smartphone owners in the UK as of June 2100], it’s not surprising that many companies arre now creating websites that are designed to be viewed on these tiny marvels of technology.  

Smartphone use has risen dramatically over the past few years, fuelled no doubt by the advent of the iphone (a picture of the latest generation, is pictured adjacent), and now many that wish to imitate this success.  Of course not all smartphones are identical, or have huge screens; take the Blackberry for example, long considered the ultimate business tool, with it’s easy email access, you can be in full communication anywhere and never miss an important communication.

However, the problem has always been this... how do you create a website that provides all the advantages of a full size website, usually seen on a large screen, to one that can be viewed on a screen only a few inches across?

Well, you can’t provide all the facilities of a full blown website, but almost;  the question is why do you need to?

The answer to this lies in speed and convenience: The loading speed has to be fast as most smartphones aren’t supplied with broadband download speeds unless they are in a wi-fi hotspot.  And, of course the convenience of navigation the site without having to continually operate a zoom and scroll from left to right as well as the usual up and down.

Obviously, things like images are also resized for the new format and so are the text and navigation links.  Autodial when browsing over a phone number and the use of QR codes can also be implemented to great effect.

It all sounds great but you would be surprised how few small to medium size companies are employing this new

Website Design

>> Website Design For Smartphones

Technology.  Larger companies, particularly social networks such as Facebook™, Twitter™ and LinkedIn™ are employing re-designed websites for smartphones and Google which has it’s own trimmed version for mobile phone use, actively seeks out websites in it’s searches that are ‘smartphone friendly’.  

The browser ‘Opera’ has a version designed for mobile phones too - it loads quickly and is surprisingly easy to use.  All the functionality you need is included but for a screen that’s much, much, smaller.

Take a look to see how your website could look on a smartphone (please use your smartphone to do this); it only contains the basics but you should be able to see the potential.


If you had the option to try an view the full size website of a company on your phone to one that has been especially optimised for a smartphone user - which would you choose?

Now probably the most pressing question your thinking of while you read this is whether you will need to buy a new domain name?  Not easy if you have one that has been created for your specific needs already.

Well, you will relieved to know, that your existing domain name can be used without any interruption or changes to your existing website.

Click here to see how easy it is to get your mobile website up and running.

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